Original imagine - Imagine Team Wree Will hearing you singing “Hallelujah” by Alexandra Burke
Character: Dean
Reader’s gender: female
Word count: 771
Warnings: None I can think of.

  You were finally alone at the bunker. You loved the boys but you never had time for your hobby - singing. You loved singing. When you were younger, your father used to sing to you till you fell asleep. He had a really beautiful voice, just as you did. You sang every single moment when you were sure that you were alone. You were hunting with Sam and Dean for about three years now but still couldn’t let them know about you interest in music. You were too shy and you perfectly knew that Dean would tease you about that till the end of the eternity. So you preferred singing when they weren’t around.
  There was a piano at the bunker. The boys were on a hunt and judging by what Sam had told you when you called them earlier, they would be back in a few days. So you sat on the chair in front of the piano and started playing “Hallelujah” by Alexandra Burke. Your voice sounded so soft. Even softer than a feather.

                  “I heard there was a secret chord
                  That David played and it pleased the Lord
                  But you don’t really care for music, do ya?
                  Well it goes like this, the fourth, the fifth
                  The minor fall and the major lift
                  The baffled king composing Hallelujah
                  Hallelujah, Hallelujah
                  Hallelujah, Hallelujah…

  You were so into the song that you didn’t even noticed when the door of the bunker opened and closed. Cas, Dean and Sam walked in and froze at the sound of your beautiful voice. They exchanged confused looks, but then Dean saw you and gave Sam and Cas a sign to be quiet. The three of them walked down stairs trying hard not to make any noise. They stayed behind you, listening to your singing. They seemed to be hypnotized by the way the lyrics was pouring from you lips along with your beautiful voice. You were singing the last verse:

                  “…Maybe there’s a God above
                  And all I’ve ever learned from love
                  Is how to shoot at somebody who outdrew ya
                  It’s not a cry that you hear at night
                  It’s not someone who’s seen the light
                  It’s a cold and it’s a broken Hallelujah
                  Hallelujah, Hallelujah
                  Hallelujah, Hallelujah
                  Hallelujah, Hallelujah
                  Hallelujah, Hallelujah

   When you finished the song, you heard an applause coming behind you. It mad you jump from the chair.
 ”Geez! You scared me!” You said to the guys.
 ”You were singing,” Dean said as if it wasn’t obvious.
 ”Well, I thought you were coming back tomorrow and uhm.. yeah,” you said quietly.
 ”Why you never told us you were such a good singer?” Sam asked in confusion.
 ”Telling you about that means giving you a good reason to tease me.”
 ”Y/N, you sing very good. I don’t see a reason that would make anyone tease you,” Cas said softly.
 ”You seriously?” the boys nodded. “Oh, God. Thank you guys”


  After dinner you were sitting in your room humming some melody when you heard knocking on your door.
 ”Come in,” you yelled.
  The guy opened the door and you looked at him with a smile. It was Dean.
 ”You need something?” you asked.
 ”Uhm, I actually wanted to tell you something,” he said avoiding your eyes.
 ”Hey, Dean, is there something wrong?” you asked with concern.
  He just sat on the bed next to you and looked you in the eyes. You were trying to understand what was on his mind but he didn’t answer. You were about to ask again when he leaned in and touched your (full/thin) lips with his own. You froze. You didn’t know what was happening. When you didn’t kissed back, he pulled away and blushed.
 ”I-I’m so sorry Y/N. I shouldn’t have.. But you… And I just… And your singing today… And I was so… And oh, God. Dammit! I’m sorry,” he seemed embarrassed. When you woke up from the trance, you cupped his cheek and kissed him. He placed his right hand on the back of your head and his left hand he wrapped around your waist pulling you closer to him. His lips were soft. Softer than you imagined. The kiss was slow as if you both were kissing someone for the first time. You could feel fireworks. It was just perfect. You broke the kiss because of the need for air. Your forehead resting on his, both of you breathing hard and smiling like idiots. 
 ”Maybe I should’ve let you hear me singing earlier,” you joked.
 ”Yeah, maybe.”
 ”Well, sorry. My bad,” you teased.
 ”I love you,” Dean said pecking your lips.


Truth or Dare

Original idea - Dean/Reader
Reader’s gender: female
Word count: 726
Warnings: None I can think of.

You and Team Free Will were sitting at the bunker playing Truth or Dare. You were hunting with them for a while now. Sam and Cas were like bigger brothers for you. And Dean? Well, you had a crush on him since forever. But of course no one knew about that. It was ok. You loves him but you knew that he’d never feel the same way. So you were acting normally. He was just a bigger brother, nothing else. You were too good friends so you couldn’t tell him about your feelings ‘cause it would ruin your friendship. And you sure as hell didn’t want that.
It was your turn. You turned to the angel. “Cas, truth or dare?” “Uhm.. Truth,” he said and smiled.
“Ok, let’s see. Hm, have you ever been in love with someone?” you asked.
The angel thought for a moment. “No, I don’t think so,” he answered simply. “Ok, y/n, truth or dare?” Sammy asked you.
“Dare,” you said grinning.
Sam looked around then looked at you. “I dare you to… kiss Dean,” he smirked mischievous.
You blushed immediately. But you couldn’t say ‘no’ because they would figure out that something’s wrong. You looked at the elder Winchester who was sitting next to you. “Do you mind?” you asked.
“No, it’s ok,” he smirked.
You leaned in and your lips touched. He cupped your left cheek with his hand. His lips were soft and warm. They matched with yours perfectly. You didn’t want it to end but he pulled back too soon. You were staring in each other’s eyes, his hand still on you cheek. Damn, those green orbs could melt an iceberg.
“Uhm, Dean? It’s your turn,” Sam said and chuckled.
Dean immediatly removed his hand and stood up. “It’s late, I’m going to bed.”
Tears were ready to slip out of your eyes. “Yeah, me too. Good night guys.”
Two weeks had passed. And every day was worse than the previous one. Dean avoided you and never talked to you again. You couldn’t take that anymore. It was killing you. You just wanted your best friend back. You were about to walk into the kitchen when you heard the two brothers to talk.
“Dude, what’s your problem?” you heard Sam’s voice.
“Don’t know what you’re talking about,” Dean lied not looking at his brother.
“Oh, you know. What happened between you and y/n?” Sam asked and Dean’s jaw clenched.
“N-nothing. We’re good.”
“Really? Cause whenever she tries to talk with you, you’re busy or tired. Talk to me, Dean. What’s the problem?” Sam was worried.
Dean sighed. “It’s hard to explain. Even I don’t understand it. It’s about the kiss,” your breath hitched in your throat, but you continued to listen. “It was just perfect, man. Her lips on mine. It was the best kiss ever, and you know I’ve kissed a lot of girls,” he chuckled for a moment but then became serious again. “I can’t stop thinking about her. I have the feeling that the moment I look into her deep (y/e/c) eyes, I wouldn’t be able to control myself. I’ve been waiting for that kiss since forever. I’ve never told you but I love her, Sammy. But she sees me only as a bigger brother,” he sighed, his eyes already wet.
You were crying. He loved you, too. You couldn’t believe. You showed up from behind the door still crying. “Dean?”
The two brothers looked at you with widened eyes. “I think you should talk, so…” Sam said and left the kitchen.
“Why didn’t you tell me, Dean?” you asked sobbing.
“I-I don’t know. I was scared and still am. I mean you’re my best friend and I shouldn’t be in love with my best friend. I know you don’t feel the same and it was just a game. But that kiss was very special to me,” he said almost crying.
You leaned in and kiss him. At first he seemed confused but then kissed you back. “I love you, too, Dean. I love you since the moment I saw you for the first time,” you said smiling.
Dean hugged you tight. “Oh god, y/n. I love you so so much.”
You two spent the rest of the day cuddling and kissing. You were so happy. You finally were with the man you loved.

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